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Our Agents have been through a vetting process to make sure that our clients will get the best deal but the very best service as well.

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Our 3% commission covers both sides of the transaction. My Home Gives saves sellers Upwards of $20,000 in fees on average.

See why the My Home Gives EXCLUSIVE 3% LISTING (for both sides) is changing the way people sell their homes!

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About My Home Gives

How it works

What if I am only Buying?

The 3% listing is only for those planning on both buying and selling a home. However, you can still take advantage of the My Home Gives buyer program. The My Home Give buyer program beats anything else out there as far as giving buyers a good deal.  You can check it out here


What if I am Only selling?

The 3% listing is only for those planning on both buying and selling a home. However, you can still take advantage of the My Home Gives Seller program. The My Home Gives seller program beats anything else out there as far as giving sellers a good deal.  You can check it out here:


Do I have to use your network to get this deal?

There are only 2 requirements for being able to take advantage of the 3% listing.

  1. You must use a My Home Gives agent.
  2. You must get pre-approved with the My Home Gives Lending partner. (You don’t have to use the My Home Gives lending partner only get pre-approved.)

All the other vendors in our network give some pretty great discounts and we have put them together to make sure our customers get the very best both in cost and service, but you are not required to use any of them.

You can check out our Vendor Network here



How do I qualify?

Although most clients will qualify there are a number of things considered when we approve a 3% listing.

  • Location – Your home needs to be in an are that we service
  • Condition of the Home – Your home needs to be in good showing condition. A large part of our marketing is focused on Open Houses and Buyer refund Marketing so we need to have a home that can be shown.
  • Home Value – Because we are giving so much back to our clients we have to make sure that the homes we list are not too low in price and we are also not able to take homes that are extraordinarily high either.


To learn more
Fill out the My Home Gives 3% listing application.


or book a 15 minute phone call to go over your questions


what if I have a charity I would like to donate to that is not listed?

Well we think the charities we have partnered with are pretty great but we understand that our clients are charitable people and that they might have desires to give in other ways.

If you have a charity not already partnered with the My Home Gives program list them in the application in the charity section and we will reach out to them.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

Here are the My Home Gives partners in active fundraising campaigns. We think they are pretty great and we think you will too!





Dream Factory Of Arizona

Seller Services

3% Listing

Dedicated Agent

Marketing Plan

Targeted Ads to Buyers


Market Research

Professional Photography


Buyer Refund Marketing

Buyer Services

Buyer Refund

Easy Exit Guarantee

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Dedicated Agent

Private Showings


Buy Back Guarantee

Network Discounts

3% Listing Application

3% Listing Application

  • Immediatly
  • 1-3 Months
  • 3-6 Months
  • 6-12 Months
  • Over a year
choose one that describes your situation best.
  • Dream Factory
  • Pawsitive Friendships
  • Camp Patrick
  • I Have My Own