The My Home Gives Story

My Home Gives combines philanthropy, innovative solutions, and expert customer service to make buying or selling a home fast and easy.


Our Goal

Giving homeowners a bargain while making the process simple, enjoyable, and efficient.

The old way

Before My Home Gives, you could buy or sell a home on your own and save some cash, but it was a pain in the butt. Or you could hire an agent, but you’d have to give your agent 6% in commissions.

Why isn’t there a better way?

That’s what we wondered, too. With so much access to information and resources, why isn’t there a way to share the profits from the sell of the home with home buyers and sellers? There should be. That’s why we created My Home Gives.

The new way

The My Home Gives team consists of industry leading partners essential to buying and selling a home, all contributing a portion of the proceeds to make this program work. In addition, the My Home Gives program aligns with a charity and gives back. The My Home Gives participants save a significant amount of money in the real estate transactions, and will have a sizable donation made on their behalf to the benefiting charity, receiving all the tax benefits as well.

“It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us.”

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