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our gift provides the children we serve with life-changing programs and our coach-mentors with the training they need to be effective role-models. Thanks to your support, children are reaching their full potential, both on and off the playing field, and communities are transforming across the nation. Thank you for being a part of our team.

How It Works

From the founder

How you’re contribution will be put to use

The average donation allows between 2 and 3 kids to come to Camp Patrick

It takes a lot to put on camp Patrick but when it is all said and done there is still some expenses that we just can’t cover.  Sadly there are some kids that would benefit from our camp but just can’t afford it.  This is why people like you using The My Home Gives program is such a tremendous blessing to both these kids and our program.

Our Clients receive a charitable tax Write-off

You get the all the tax benefits without taking money out of your wallet.

Because of the way the My Home Gives program has been structured our clients receive all of the charitable tax benefits they would if they had contributed the funds themselves. Please make sure you speak with a tax professional about your specific circumstances.

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