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We use the traditional real estate agent commissions in your favor by refunding up to $10,000. My Home Gives helps buyers with a full service, more transparent buying process. Love the idea of getting a discount and having your transaction generate a donation to a good cause?

My Home Gives is for you!

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Buyer FAQs

What is My Home Gives?

My Home Gives (MHG) is the new way to buy or sell a home. MHG streamlines the entire real estate transaction for buyers and sellers. The bottom line, you get to keep more of your money using the MHG model, and pay a fraction of the cost. Instead of the typical 6% commission fees charged by traditional real estate agents, MHG gives you up to $10,000 refund on your real estate transaction . 

How much are agent commission fees?

The commission rate for a seller’s agent is usually around 2%.  We don’t charge buyers to use My Home Gives.

How much does My Home Gives cost?

My Home Gives is completely free to both buyers and sellers.  

How is buying a home different than using a typical buyers agent?

My Home Gives has automated and streamlined much of the home buying process without removing the agent. As a result, our costs are lower and we’re able to refund our buyers up to $10,000 at closing. There is also a sizable charitable donation made, which can be used to strengthen any offers made (some limitations apply).

Who gets the tax benefit of the charitable donation?

Because all commissions are paid by the seller the donation is ultimately made by the seller, It is paid out of the commission and fee reduction of the MHG team, and is often a perk to the seller to get a tax credit by donating money they would have paid to a buyers agent commission.

How does the My Home Gives Buyers refund work?

If a non-My Home Gives seller has listed their home on the MLS, they’ve agreed to pay a buyer agent commission (BAC), usually around 3% of the price of the home. MHG collects those funds for a MHG buyer, and refunds up to $10,000 back to the buyer for closing and lending costs. To qualify for the refund, buyers must have signed a Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA) with a MHG agent and get pre-qualified with a MHG preferred lender. Some brokerage fees and lender restrictions may apply.

How do I qualify for the My Home Gives buyer refund?

  1. Sign the MHG Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA)
  2. Get pre-qualified for a loan at

Refunds come from any paid buyer’s agent commissions. Check with a MHG agent to find out how much of a refund you could qualify for.

What if the listing has no buyer commission?

Often when asked, most sellers will offer to pay agent commissions when a MHG Buyer makes an offer. Otherwise, if the listing has no Buyer Agent Commission, the MHG buyer services will still be offered, but you will not receive a full refund since no commission will be collected.

Tell me more about the My Home Gives Buyer Refund. How much really could I save?

The exact amount My Home Gives can refund buyers depends on the commission specified in the MLS listing. For instance, on a $300,000 home, if the seller agreed to pay 3% commission, then the maximum My Home Gives could refund a My Home Gives buyer would b $2,250. 

How does it work if both the buyer and the seller are My Home Gives members?

Member-to-member transactions result in a little bit smaller Refund per member, but the overall donation made will be higher when both sides are combined. A member-to-member transaction is usually a smooth transaction because both parties understand the process.

I want to buy a home using the My Home Gives program. How do I get started?

Sign up to be a My Home Gives buyer HERE.

How can I use the My Home Gives refund?

Any allowable buyer refund can only be applied to closing costs. It is applied to the settlement statement at the time of closing. The refund cannot be deducted from the sales price or given out as cash at closing. This is mortgage fraud!

After I qualify, do I have to use a my Home Gives lending partner for my loan?

No. The only requirement for receiving your MHG Refund is that you pre-qualify with a MHG lending partner. We know how competitive our partners’ rates are, and they can almost always get our buyers the best deal. If, however, you choose to get your loan elsewhere, you can still qualify for the MHG Buyer Refund, however, your overall refund may be less as you will not be capitalizing on all of the discounts.

What if I am already pre-qualified with another lender? Do I still need to qualify with the preferred lender?

Yes. To receive a MHG Buyer Refund, you need to pre-qualify with a MHG Lending Partner. Start the simple, quick process here.

Do we still get a full service agent even though we are saving so much?

Yes! Most companies that offer this kind of discount or a flat fee strip away the assistance of a professional agent. MHG members will not only get the full service of a professional to walk you through the process, handle contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and give insight, but as part of MHG, you are getting someone who has been vetted to be one of the best.