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Save up to $10,000 by using My Home Gives.


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How much will you save?

What do I get?

Get the price advantage, like a flat fee brokerage, but Still get the full service of an industry professional.

Seller FAQs

What is My Home Gives?

My Home Gives (MHG) is the new way to buy or sell a home. MHG streamlines the entire real estate transaction for buyers and sellers. The bottom line, you get to keep more of your money using the MHG model, and pay a fraction of the cost. Instead of the typical 6% commission fees charged by traditional real estate agents, MHG saves you up to $10,000 on your real estate transaction costs.

How much does My Home Gives cost?

My Home Gives is completely free to both buyers and sellers.

Who gets the tax benefit of the charitable donation?

All commissions are paid by the seller, so the donation is ultimately made by the seller. It is paid out of the commission and fee reduction of the MHG team, and is often a perk to the seller, to get a tax credit by donating money they would have paid to either the Buyers and/or listing agent’s commission.

How does the My Home Gives seller rebate work?

My Home Gives program will generate around 1.25% of the purchase price as the total refund. A portion of those funds will go to a designated local charity, and the remaining amount is discounted from the listing agent’s commission.

Tell me more about the My Home Gives seller rebate. How much really could I save?

The exact amount My Home Gives can refund buyers depends on the commission specified in the MLS listing. For instance, on a $400,000 home, The total refund would be $5,000, with $1,750 going to the local charity along with a tax benefit, and the remaining amount going toward a discount on the listing agent’s commission of $3,250.

How does it work if both the buyer and the seller are My Home Gives members?

Member-to-member transactions result in a little bit smaller refund per member, but the overall donation made will be higher when both sides are combined. A member-to-member transaction is usually a smooth transaction because both parties understand the process.

I want to sell my home using My Home Gives, how do I get started?

Sign up to be a My Home Gives buyer here.

How can I use my the My Home Gives seller rebate?

The seller rebate will be given in the form of a discount to the seller and the donation will be invoiced and paid out of escrow at closing.

Do we still get a full service agent even though we are saving so much?

Yes! Most companies that offer this kind of discount or a flat fee, strip away the assistance of a professional agent.  My Home Gives (MHG) members will not only get the full service of a professional to walk you through the process, handle contracts, negotiate on your behalf, and give insight but as a part of MHG you get someone who has been vetted to be one of the best. Members that sell with the MHG will get the added benefit of the my MHG network, and marketing, in addition to a cutting-edge marketing and advertising package done for all MHG program members.

Will the My Home Gives team hold an open house for my listing?

Yes, open houses are a really good idea. In fact our open houses are designed to attract buyers that want the special discounts that buyers can get only through the My Home Gives program. We use targeted techniques to ensure that qualified buyers attend your open house. We also have our lending partners available for buyers to get pre-approved on the spot.

Should I have my buyers get pre-approved through a My Home Gives Lender?

There’s nothing more frustrating for both buyers and sellers, than when a transaction doesn’t go through. Be sure you’re spending your time and energy with qualified buyers wisely, by asking them to get prequalified with a MHG lending partner prior to touring your home. This way you don’t spend an hour cleaning and straightening up for a buyer who can’t afford to buy your home.

What is the Easy Exit Guarantee?

Our promise to you is that we will follow through and keep every commitment that we make to you. The Easy Exit Guarantee is the promise to you that if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can exit your contract. All we ask is that you give us two weeks to rectify the problem.

Will there be a marketing budget for my home?

Yes, in addition to all of the top level marketing and viral marketing campaigns we do for My Home Gives sellers, we will also put together a targeted marketing campaign. We syndicate your listing to all of the real estate sites along with social media, SEO, and other industry standard marketing practices. You will work closely with your agent to ensure a successful outcome.