My Home Gives 

FREE listing program

The Free listing program is for clients that both buy and sell with agents approved by the MHG team.

Why would we offer a free listing

I bet you’re asking yourself   “What’s the catch?”  and to be honest most of the time there is a catch. 

The MHG team has decided to make this program available to clients that are both selling and buying a home with us.  Some flat fee services strip away all of the most important advantages that a real estate agent can provide, we DO NOT do that. 

We understand that if we serve you above and beyond expectation that we will create a raving fan; Somebody who refers their friends and family.  Our hope is that by making the sacrifice up front and putting our money where our mouth is, we will gain a lifelong customer.  We believe deeply in our mission and we believe you will too.

It’s not for every House

While we try to accept as many clients into this program as possible, not every situation will qualify.  Apply to see if you qualify.


You Win with huge savings, We win because it is an opportunity to create a raving fan, the charity wins because they get a donation.

YES! You will get a full service representation.

Most deals you hear like this have striped away all of the advantages of having an agent. NOT with us you will get a Full service Representation.  Our reputation depends on it!

How It Works

All of the My Home gives clients receive a buyer refund when they purchase a home. Go HERE to learn more about the buyer refund. The My Home Gives team Listing fee is the amount of the buyer refund resulting in a net zero cost transaction for the My Home Gives client.


  1. Get pre-approved for your new home first.  This will determine your listing fee.
  2. Execute the My Home Gives Listing agreement outlining the both the sell and purchase transactions.
  3. Pay the Listing fee when your home is sold at close of escrow.
  4. Purchase new home with My Home Gives team.
  5. Receive My Home Gives buyer refund or Listing fee reimbursement at close of escrow.
  6. Receive a NET ZERO cost transactions

Calculate Your Savings


  1. To be eligible for this free listing program Clients must enter into contracts to both buy and sell with the MHG team.
  2. Clients Need to have a Loan pre qualification from the My Home Gives Lending partner.
  3. There is a $1,500 mandatory charitable donation with every My Home Gives FREE listing.  This donation is a write off to the My Home Gives Seller.

MHG team Free listing advantages

Minimum of 2 open houses a month up to 1 a week
  Open House frequency will depend on the market as well as other factors like availability and accessibility.  We recommend at least 2 Open Houses a month but it is not a required service to get your home sold.
Featured Listing on primary focus is on finding buyers.  This will increase the opportunity for qualified buyers to see your home.
MLS Listing
  Listing on the MLS is standard for all listings.  However, not all clients want to pay a Buyers Agent Commission (BAC), in this case we do not have to list on the MLS and can use other exclusive methods to market your home.
Optional Mandatory MHG agent transaction
  You can make your home available to sell only to other MHG clients.  This would mean that you would pay a (BAC) of 2.5% to 3% and the buyers you attract will get a Buyer refund as well as a portion would be donated to our partner charity resulting in a tax write off for you the seller.
Indirect social media marketing Marketing
  All of our Free Listings get the advantage of being on the front page of our websites that we are always marketing specifically to buyers promotions
  Periodically the My Home Gives program will do promotions on listings for specific homes listed with MHG.  Your home could be one that is picked.
Exclusive branded Yard signs
  Our Yard signs are s little different than the regular real estate sign you’ll see out in the front yard.  The Give realty sign wants to showcase all of the added benefits a buyer gets by purchasing your home, like generating a donation to our local charity partner.
Charitable tax write off
  In lieu of charging you commission we agree that instead you will pay an invoice at closing through escrow to our partner charity.  See calculator
Managed by MHG Realty team
  One of the ways that it is possible to List your home for FREE is that we use a team to get your home sold.  You will have a point person that is in charge of communication but you will be served by our entire team.
Easy Exit Guarantee
  We understand that selling your home is one of the most important things you can do in your lifetime.  Although we do everything we can to make sure you are beyond happy, we want you to have the peace of mind that if for some reason things don’t work out you are not STUCK.  All we ask is that if there is ever an issue that we have the opportunity to make the situation better within two weeks, if you’re still not satisfied you can exit the contract guaranteed.
Sold in 90 days or it’s free.
  The Give Realty team will work tirelessly on your behalf to get your home sold as soon as possible and for the highest price possible.  If, for some reason we cannot get your home sold in 90 days than you reserve the right to terminate the contract and pay us nothing.

What are you waiting for?

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