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Fundraising Discount Cards

Made for Nonprofit and charity organizations.

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Why The Red Card is the smart choice!

Highest Profit margin (We take $2 to cover the cost of the card and the rest is yours)

> The money spent on the card is positioned to the customer as a charitable donation tax write off.

> Variable price point at point of sale to maximize your fundraising dollars.

> Bulk sale to businesses (Tax write off incentive) for employee and client appreciation.


What makes your discount cards better than others?

The Red Card was specifically designed with Nonprofit and charitable organizations in mind. The Red Card pulls out all the stops for customers to buy the card and therefore optimizing your fundraising efforts.

How much Do you fundraising cards sell for?

This is a unique feature of the Red Card that you will not find with any other card. You have two options:

  1. Charge a flat $20 dollars (There is great value for 20 dollars)
  2. Charge a fixed lower amount like $5. and then offer a donation opportunity up to as much as you would like.  Saying something like this to the customers

    “The card costs $2 anything you give over and above that is a charitable donation. Most people do $18 since that is what the card is worth but you can do as much as you like over the $2.”

Is there a minimum order?

No. We accommodate programs of all different sizes. 

Does this cost anything upfront?

No. We accept payment after the fundraising efforts have come to a close or on other agreed upon terms.

Are there any fees or charges associated with this fundraiser?

No, We don’t have any additional fees or charges. The My Home Gives team will supply all the design, landing pages and cards upfront at no cost.

How does selling in bulk work?

Selling in bulk is designed for businesses. The bulk sale has two advantages for businesses:

  1. Everything they spend over and above the $2 dollars per card is a tax write off for the business so the higher dollar amounts are not necessarily a bad thing.
  2. This can be used as an employee gift or a client appreciation item to give out at Christmas or just to say thank you!  Businesses can have ongoing orders as well that can be arranged on a case by case basis.
How are you able to offer such an amazing deal?

The Discount card is not a direct profit center for the My Home Gives program. We use the red card to fulfill our mission to give back to the community. We have assembled other local companies that have the same passion and desire to give back as well. This card is a way for the My Home Gives program to advertise while at the same time provide a unparalleled fundraising opportunity.

Can businesses use these cards for resale?

No. These cards are not to be sold more than once between the red card client organizations and the end consumer. Businesses can only use the card as a give away item.

What types of charities does this work with?

The Red Card is designed to work with any organization wanting to raise funds. Our specialty is nonprofits and other charities that can allow for charitable contributions. This fundraiser will work well for sports teams as well as any other charity.

This Fundraiser looks amazing! How long does it take to get started?

The design is very minimal so it does not take very long. We can have you up and running within two weeks.

What is the My Home Gives program?

The My Home Gives program is a real estate based fundraising solution. The My Home Gives primary team members consists of Realtors and Loan officers who together contribute 1% to 1.25% of the purchase price of a home. The 1% to 1.25% contributed by the My Home Gives team gets split in two ways:

Buyer or Seller Refund: We give anywhere from 0% to 75% of the contributed amount right back to the client. This is a great incentive for clients to use our program over another solution.

Charitable Contribution: We allocate anywhere from 25% (minimum) to 100% of the contributed amount to our charity partner. (Your organization)

Use the calculator 

Average Refund:  $1,200
Average Contribution to our charity Partner:  $,2,600

Who qualifies for the MY Home Gives program?

Anyone can take advantage of the My Home Gives program. It is designed so that if there are any parents, coaches, administrators and their friends or family who are either buying a home or selling a home, it can benefit your nonprofit organization. 

Is there any requirements to take advantage of the My Home Gives program?

Yes. There are two requirements:

  1. You have to use a My Home Gives Realtor.
  2. You can use any lender you want but to qualify for the program you must at least get a pre approval with our lending partner.

Everyone wins

My Home Gives

How it works



The My Home Gives team partners with non-profits to allow its members to contribute to their mission. We significantly discount our fees and direct them toward our partner non-profit.



Every member gets a refund and every transaction generates a contribution. The My Home Gives refund is a great way to for home sellers and buyers to save a significant amount of money in a transaction they would have otherwise had. Our Buyer refunds are given on behalf of our non-profit partners.



The contribution is a passive way for you to raise funds from your network. Members generate a significant contribution simply by using the My Home Gives program for their next real estate transaction. Most people want to give back to the communities they are a part of but often lack the means to give the way they desire, this program gives people that opportunity.

Impact Calculator


Transaction Details

Member Refund: As an incentive to use the My Home Gives program and in turn generate a contribution to your team, we give every client a refund as a benefit of choosing My Home Gives. This allows your organization to give your parents, coaches, volunteers, and friends of the program a benefit for their affiliation with your program.

Member Contribution: Every Transaction will also generate a contribution being given back to your organization. In most cases the amount donated is much higher than what would have otherwise been donated.

Origination of Funds: Both the donation and the member refund come as a result of realtors and Loan officers from the My Home Gives team reducing their commission by as much as 30%. The My Home Gives client never pays anything out of their pocket but we do give them the credit.

Fundraising methods: The My Home Gives program is very flexible and can work in most scenarios. Here are some of the ways you might consider implementing.

  • Introduce at club events
  • Introduce at team Meetings
  • Include in newsletter or email
  • Share with friends and family

Receiving Contributions: The My Home Gives team will work with your organization to ensure that funds are given and received according to the by-laws already in place.



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