L.E.A.D.  FAQ’s

Two Basic Ways to Save Money

Buy, Sell, or Refinance

When clients work with our local affiliate real estate and mortgage specialists to buy, sell or refinance a home; they save money.

Local Business Deals

When clients use our local business affiliates to make every day home-related purchases, they receive special money-saving deals.

Everything else you will want to know

Who Qualifies for this program?

This program is open to anybody that is interested in buying, selling, or refinancing their home who also wants to save BIG and GIVE BACK!

How much is typically donated/saved?

Between our agents, lenders, and the affiliate network, L.E.A.D. clients can save upwards of $2,000 for each transaction, double that if they buy and sell with us. Our client Transactions generate about the same amount in donations ($2,000) as well.

Does the program cost anything?

Absolutely not! Both the savings and the contribution made come from the discounted fees of our agents, lenders and affiliate network.  There is no cost for the client to participate. Furthermore, there is not a cost for schools to participate either.

What if I do not have school age kids?

No problem, this is a great opportunity to be able to give to a noble cause without having to take any money out of your pocket. If you do not designate a school your contribution will go to the school boundary in which you live.

Are the discount/donation numbers set?

No, we allow for clients to increase the donation amount all the way up to 100%, effectively driving the member refund to $0. 

Is My Home Gives for-profit or nonprofit?

The My Homes gives real estate team is a for profit company but the My Home Gives Foundation is a registered 501c3. The funds that are donated to charity through the my Home Gives transaction are fist funneled into Our 501c3 foundation from there they are allocated to our partner charities.

Is there a different deal for teachers?

YES! When Teachers use the L.E.A.D. program to purchase their own home they will receive a significant benefit. A regular client will have both a contribution to one of our partner charities and a refund back to them. The My Home Gives foundation through the L.E.A.D. program has a mission to assist teachers, so instead of splitting the funds between a charity and a refund teachers receive the entire amount. In most cases this is about 1% of the purchase price or $1,000 for every $100,000 spent on their home.  For a home sell the same amount will be given in a 30% reduced commission. GO HERE FOR MORE DETAILS

What if I already have an agent/lender?

If you are currently represented by a real estate agent or loan officer, and they are interested in learning more about how they can help you save more money, please have them contact us. We’ll explain who we are and how they can help you save money/give back through the My Home Gives program.

What if I’m not ready to buy, sell or refinance?

If you’re not ready, that’s OK. It’s still a good idea to speak to a real estate specialist if you’re simply thinking about it. They can provide good insight on preparation and steps to take before you even begin the buying, selling or refinancing process. Contact us to speak to our local real estate or mortgage specialist to learn more.

What if I have credit issues?

Our credit repair specialist in your area would be more than happy to assist you in getting a free credit analysis that will tell you what you need to do to prepare for the purchase of your new home.  Contact us and we will put you in touch with our credit specialist in your area.

Where is your list of agent and mortgage specialists?

To make the process easy, when you contact us we automatically connect you with our local specialist(s), based upon your location and interest.

Do I need to use all of your specialists to receive the savings?

You do not need to use all of our specialists. Each specialist you work with will add to your savings amount. Most heroes do not want to miss out on all the savings we offer, so they choose to use as many of our local specialists as possible to maximize their L.E.A.D. Rewards savings.


☆My Home Gives. is a real estate company in the state of Arizona. My Home Gives Rewards are not available in all states. My Home Gives  offers are limited and/or restricted in Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. All savings amounts are estimates. The actual Rewards amount may vary based on the services used, sale price of the home (less appropriate credits), and in special circumstances, including, but not limited to, new construction, below average commission, and For Sale By Owner sales. You must be enrolled with My Home Gives and the L.E.A.D. program and be represented at closing by a My Home Gives agent affiliate to be eligible for home price savings. You must work with loan officer and business affiliates to receive additional service-related savings. Contact My Home Gives for further details.