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My Business Gives

The My Business Gives program is an opportunity to give back to the community and your employees. This unique business model allows you blend employee benefits with social responsibility.

Business + Charity = Better Community

It is a winning combination.

Businesses = WIN!
Charities = WIN!
Employees = WIN!
Community = WIN!



The My Business Gives (MBG) model is designed around giving back. It is the MBG goal to help businesses increase their social footprint in the community by partnering with Charitable organizations meaningful to them. MBG is uniquely positioned to facilitate contribution from both the corporation and the employees themselves.

No cost implementation

The MBG program we designed to have a no cost implementation to ensure that any business large or small would have the opportunity to participate. The MBG team does the majority of the program implementation as well.


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My Business Gives

Learn more about the My Business Gives platform and what is can do for your business.


Member Refund

Every home purchased by an employee will receive a buyer refund of up to %10,000.  This benefit is only contingent upon the employee using the My Home Gives program.


Team Building

In partnership with the charity partner the MBG team will help your business to custom design a day of service. This is a great opportunity to get your employees working side by side outside of work.


Social Responsibility

Just about every measurable statistic says that companies, no matter the size, benefit from giving back to the communities they serve in a public meaningful way.


Employee Recognition

69% of employees would work harder if they felt their efforts were better appreciated. The MBG program gives the employee many opportunities to be recognized.


Client Appreciation

The MBG program gives a very unique value proposition to companies who have customers. This program can be extended to customers as well and used as a way to say thank you.

Features of the My Business Gives program

Can this be used as a relocation service?

YES!  The My Business Gives is a 50 state program and it is even available in 3 provinces in Canada as well. We are a no cost solution to make sure that employees moving from one place to another can have many if not all of their real estate needs taken care of by the My Business Gives team or it affiliates.

What if our company already has a relationship with a charity?

That is no problem!  We are more than happy to work with a charity partner of your choice! In the situation where you don’t have a charity relationship already in place we are more than willing to align you with one of our charity partners.

Who else is a part of the My Home Gives network?

We are always looking to add professional qualified vendors to our network. The My Business Gives program has developed many partnerships to ensure that we bring the very best value you the businesses we serve.  Our network ranges from both big and small, we focus more on quality of service more than we do the size of the company.

Can we offer the benefits this program to our friends and family?

This program is designed to be the ultimate real estate employee benefit. In order to make sure that it is providing the best value this program allows employees to share this program with friends and family.

Can My Home Gives members change the refunded amounts?

The total amount refunded is a set amount but employees can defer their member refund if they would like to increase the amount that is contributed to the partner charity.

Can we give to more than one charity?

The My Business Gives program is designed to make the most impact with each relationship. In order to make sure that this happens contributions can only be made to the partner charity.

How can my Business apply to be a part of the My Business Gives program?

We carefully consider every business application for the My Business Gives program. Please fill out the form and someone will reach out to you shortly.



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My Business Gives.

My Business Gives is a division of the My Home Gives program. All charitable donations will go through the My Home Gives 501c3. All donors will be given tax receipts to file with their tax returns.