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Join us in our goal to raise $1,000,000 for our partner charities.

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OUR GOAL is to raise ONE MILLION dollars in charitable contributions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and grow local charities to create a stronger community. Our focus is to give people the opportunity to make an impact, that they would not have otherwise had, with their real estate transactions.

Our Commitment

Every client receives a refund and every transaction generates a contribution.

How It Works

The My Home Gives team has taken the real estate transaction and we have given it a bigger purpose. By Giving up a percentage of the commissions earned from the sell or purchase of a home, it allows us to give back.

There are a lot of companies that give as a way to attract business, giving just enough to get some good PR. We at the My Home Gives program wanted to give in a way that would make an impact, we wanted to put our money where our mouth was.

Our agents along with other My Home Gives partners have teamed up to give back thousands per transaction. Some of the money goes right back to our clients as our way of saying thank you, and the remaining amount goes to our charity partners.

There are three basic ways that we promote your charity

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A Word

From Our Founder

” One of the most powerful concepts in business is the idea of enlightened self interest. This is the understanding that the best way to increase your potential in growth, profit and influence is by leading with value. We know that the key to receiving is being willing to give first. Most people feel the urge to give but may not have the means to do it, or at least not at the level they would like. The My Home Gives program was designed to allow others to give, and give big.”

– Jayson Linford


The My Home Gives advantage

Passive Fundraising

Gain contributions from transactions that people were already participating in anyway.


People are going to move regardless of whether or not they are going to contribute. Once your network knows about the My Home Gives program they can give without having to take money out of their pocket.

Increase Donor Base

We promote your charity in our real estate marketing and add new donors to your database.


The My Home Gives team does not rely on the charitable organizations alone to raise funds. We market you charity in all of the traditional industry standards as well. Every new transaction creates a new donor for your network.

Increase Contributions

Increase individual contributions from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

Event Info

Most people give to the tune of a couple hundred dollars but with this program members can donate from 25% up to 100% of the discounted amount. In most cases this is anywhere from 5X to 20X the average amount.

Leverage Business Support

We help you leverage the businesses that already support your organization.

Event Info

Businesses are often an organization’s biggest source of support. The the My Home Gives employee benefit and giveback program we are able to leverage that support with employees, friends and family, and clients.

Increase Marketing

Our charity partners are the center of our marketing. Our goal is community awareness.


Every house we market brings awareness to your organization and your mission. As we partner with charities our goal is to incorporate your message with ours. We want to get people excited about the contribution they are making to your organization.

Donor Recognition

Recognition is the cornerstone of effective giving. Praising our members is key.


Recognition is sometimes overlooked in charitable giving but it is a vital piece in helping the people that give to feel significant. Recognition is well deserved and the key to perpetuating the giving. We are dedicated to recognize those who give.

How it Works

My Home Gives In Action


Your Partner

The My Home Gives team is more than just a partner in fundraising. We want to help you promote your message and carry your mission to the community you serve. We can enjoy true synergy when our goals are aligned.


Events like fairs, parties, expos, etc. are a great opportunity to raise funds and gain awareness. As your organization partners with the My Home Gives program is allows you to give something back to those you are asking to contribute to your cause.


The integration of the My Home Gives program was designed to be flexible to the needs and goals of the organization. The program is designed to start wherever you are and grow from there.


Hands On Service

The My Home Gives program gives the opportunity to do a day of service where we invite the My Home Gives database and the community out to join in the service project. This is a great opportunity to generate awareness and raise funds.

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Location: 123 W Chandler Heights Rd

Telephone: (480) 479-5100


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 5pm

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